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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dr. Bob with Dolphins -- June 4, 2010

Until today, we've had good luck spotting dolphins. We went to a completely different area and spent many hours scouring the sea, but to no avail. It was an area in which overfishing has been a problem. The local town is home to several trawlers and they have been very efficient fishing boats, to the extent that the level of the dolphin's prey has fallen to the point that they no longer frequent the area.

The fish trawlers have put a lot of pressure on the local fishermen. They can't compete with such efficiency and the loss of fish makes the problem untennable. This is happening worldwide. Fish trawelers destroy the seabed and natural biosystem in the name of increasing corporate profits at the expense of the sea. Fish are now being labeled in many stores as whether they are harvested in an ecologically stable method. Even WalMart has announced that it will now sell only ecologically marked fish. Big conglomerates such as Mitsubishi ignore the evidence and continue to try and monoploize the fishing industry. Cod, of course is one good example of what can go wrong. Environmental groups have been stymmied in compiling data on fish catches around the world. For example, despite an expected drop in Bluefin Tuna catches, one group was seeing fishing catches increasing on a world-wide basis. It made little sense in light of what they saw. It was eventually discovered that China was falsifying its numbers so that it would not have to make changes to its fishing strategy. The corrected numbers showed a dramatic decline in catch.
Regulations set forth by the United Nations were made ineffective when the ministers would agree to ignore them.


Tomorrow (Saturday) is our last day on the water. I leave Sunday for Athens (bus) and then catch a flight on Monday that gets me back to Boston Monday night.

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