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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dr. Bob with Dolphins -- May 31, 2010

This morning we spent 5 hours in the pontoon raft spotting dolphins. I was the first to spot something, but it was a sea otter in a fish pen. Fun! It took an hour, but then we came across a pod of dolphins. There were 7 or 8 in the group and we circled while they fed and had fun flying into the air. Several began to "bow ride," or swim with the boat either just off to the side or slightly ahead. We eventually spotted many dolphins, most in the distance, and tracked their various movements. The boat automatically tracks our location with time while everyone spots and identifies the direction, distance and number of dolphins. One person is given a portable device on which they record a condensed information stream as relayed by the two staff (Joan and Eva). It really got hectic several times as dolphins appeared around us and presented sights such as newborns, flight into the air, synchronized swimming, and bow riding.

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